Hello world!

Hi, I’m J.P. I’m 31 years old, Caucasian, male, a U.S. citizen, and a Marine, in no particular order. I have a lot of ideas, and I love to write, so I’m going to do so, for myself and whoever else feels like tuning in. I tend to ramble, and change topics, but hopefully you’ll find it as interesting and entertaining as I do. And if not, well, go read something else. I don’t mind.

First of all, since I started this by indicating it’s a random blog, I find two things interesting about this site. The first is that my first post’s default title is “Hello world!” Why is this interesting? Well, because¬†it’s actually a thing.¬†If you’ve never programmed anything before, you probably didn’t think twice about it, but anyone who’s ever learned programming has probably used that phrase in the beginning of their time.Read More »