The Sky is Falling!

So, Donald Trump is going to be our 45th president, which (almost) nobody predicted. Well, except for the millions of people who voted for him, I guess. We’re in an usual situation…it’s been almost a hundred years since the last time Republicans controlled all three branches of the U.S. government (which, incidentally, was not the cause of the Great Depression, despite absurd post-campaign claims). There are some interesting challenges ahead for Trump, along with the rest of the country.

My friends on the left generally believe Hitler was just elected President, although most are hesitant to say it out loud (some are…you know who you are!). My friends and family on the right (which is basically all of my family) think otherwise. Both are wrong…and right.

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The Closet

Today I’m going to finally do it. That’s right, I’m going to come out of the closet. I’ll say it now, to the whole world: I am a lesbian!

Wait, no, sorry, that’s the wrong closet. Let me start over.

I’m an atheist. There, I said it. No taking it back now!

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Culture of Peace

“Well, culture is what gives a civilization its power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together.”
– Ben Franklin

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but I like to read. A lot. My parents instilled a love of books in me from a young age, and much of who I am comes from the ideas, values, and perspectives I’ve viewed through the lens of the written word. In many ways, writing is one of the purest windows to the mind of another person, one of the only ways to truly see something as someone else imagines it, yet at the same time being a dialog between you and the author, a merging of minds that is difficult to replicate in other mediums.

A bit melodramatic, perhaps, but since this is going to be a discussion on religion, I felt it was appropriate. I started with books for many reasons, some subtle, some obvious. The most obvious, however, is that I’ve been reading some very interesting books over the past week, and wanted to discuss some of my thoughts on the subject. And yes, I did read all of those in the last week. Like I said, I enjoy reading, and I can do it very quickly.

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Absolutely, Positively, 100%…Uncertain

In working on a couple of other blog posts I realized I needed a discussion on science. I’ll have to rewrite a couple paragraphs in another in-progress post because I don’t feel like this one can wait anymore. Please note these are my opinions on science and I am in no way an authority on the subject.

First of all, I love science. Not in an abstract, “I love that there are scientists who are doing science out there and it gets me a new iPhone” kind of way. Science is literally the way I think, which is a statement that may make a bit more sense once I go into some details on what the eff I’m talking about.

We all should have learned about the scientific method in school. While there are plenty of definitions out there, the way I look at it is as a method of observing the world. The backbone of the method, however, is the process by which we essentially make an assumption about something we’ve observed and then do our best to disprove our assumption. If we can’t, it’s probably true, at least until new information comes along that breaks the assumption. In a way, the entire scientific community is continually making logical leaps and then trying to prove themselves wrong. If you bothered to read the title of this blog, you can imagine why this appeals to me. It’s what I mean when I say “science is the way I think.”

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Flags of our Fathers

Now I’m going to discuss another topic that should have little impact to anyone yet seems to be one of the big issues in our country purely based on news media and Facebook stats…the Confederate flag. Oh yes, one real post in and let’s get right into it!Read More »

Hello world!

Hi, I’m J.P. I’m 31 years old, Caucasian, male, a U.S. citizen, and a Marine, in no particular order. I have a lot of ideas, and I love to write, so I’m going to do so, for myself and whoever else feels like tuning in. I tend to ramble, and change topics, but hopefully you’ll find it as interesting and entertaining as I do. And if not, well, go read something else. I don’t mind.

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