Grammar German Socialists

Since I’m in college now, I’ve had the “opportunity” to learn about a whole bunch of issues I never really worried much about before. These include “safe spaces” (apparently the library or your house is insufficient) and “gender pronouns.”

What’s interesting about them to me is not the concepts themselves but more the controversy surrounding them. I have friends and family on all sides of the political spectrum (can I call it that? Perhaps it would prefer to be called a “non-conforming linear structure” or perhaps “a circle” because they want in on circle privilege…). Because of this, I get all sorts of different takes.

I’ll get my opinion on gender identity out of the way…I don’t care. It’s pretty much the same attitude I have towards homosexuality, vegetarianism, foot fetishes, Star Trek fandom, and what sports team you’re willing to kill for. If you identify as a different gender from your biological sex, or you’re “agender”, or intersex, or whatever, it’s not really any of my concern nor my business.

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