We, Racist

I recently read an interesting article by John Metta over at Those People. I highly recommend reading it before reading my post as this is designed as a response and discussion and will not make as much sense unless you have read it first.

Overall, I liked the article. It was thought-provoking, well-written, and discusses a worldwide issue that absolutely needs to be addressed. That being said, most of what follows is going to be criticism of what I felt are weaknesses in the author’s approach. Also, keep in mind that I am a white male, so ensure your biases are in the correct place before continuing (rim shot).

We’ll start with some of the good. The author boldly addresses a specific facet of racism that many people don’t like to discuss, specifically people who believe racism doesn’t exist or is an issue that was “fixed” years ago. I’ll be even more direct…if you believe that racism does not exist in every area of society at this very moment you are willfully ignorant. Likewise, if you believe that it isn’t your problem, because you aren’t the one being discriminated against, you are provably wrong.

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