Absolutely, Positively, 100%…Uncertain

In working on a couple of other blog posts I realized I needed a discussion on science. I’ll have to rewrite a couple paragraphs in another in-progress post because I don’t feel like this one can wait anymore. Please note these are my opinions on science and I am in no way an authority on the subject.

First of all, I love science. Not in an abstract, “I love that there are scientists who are doing science out there and it gets me a new iPhone” kind of way. Science is literally the way I think, which is a statement that may make a bit more sense once I go into some details on what the eff I’m talking about.

We all should have learned about the scientific method in school. While there are plenty of definitions out there, the way I look at it is as a method of observing the world. The backbone of the method, however, is the process by which we essentially make an assumption about something we’ve observed and then do our best to disprove our assumption. If we can’t, it’s probably true, at least until new information comes along that breaks the assumption. In a way, the entire scientific community is continually making logical leaps and then trying to prove themselves wrong. If you bothered to read the title of this blog, you can imagine why this appeals to me. It’s what I mean when I say “science is the way I think.”

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Girls! They do the…something…

So one of my good friends recently inspired me to write a post on feminism because he was drunk and Joss Whedon is awesome. It makes sense, I promise. Ok, maybe not that much. He gets it.

So, what about feminism? First of all, let’s define feminism, because it’s one of those special words that have multiple meanings and connotations depending on who you are and what you believe, like “gay,” “black,” “retarded,” or “communism” (don’t read too much into that grouping of words, although it’s a great example of combined connotations).

As an aside, I have a habit of defining terms before I discuss them, and it’s a habit I will probably do a lot. There’s a reason for this, and it has to do partly with my personality and partly due to the medium in which I am discussing topics. For the psychology fans out there (in case you didn’t already figure it out) my personality type strongly tests towards INTP. One of the key elements of that personality type is a tendency to be drawn towards complex systems and an obsession with being completely correct in thought and word. Granted, I’m not always successful, but it means I tend to try and establish a baseline of understanding before continuing towards any sort of analysis.

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